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We Service older model Denver Instrument Inc Balances.
Moisture Analyzer IR-200
TR, TL, TC Series 64, 104, 403, 603D, 2102, 4102, 4102D, 6101, 8101, 8102D, 12001, etc.
M Series M-120, M-220, M-310, M-220 D
A-AA Series A-160, A250, A-200D , A-200 DS, AA-160, AA-250, AA-200DS
DI Series DI-400, DI-400D, DI-800, DI-2200, DI-4K, DI-8K, DI-8KD, DI-12K
XD-AC Series 400, 400D, 800, 1200D, 2KD, 2200, 4K, 4KD, 8K, 8KD, 12K
XL-AL-ZP Series 300, 410, 400d, 410d, 500, 610, 1800, 1810, 3k, 3100, 3kd, 3100d, 6100
XE - XS Series 50, 100, 210, 310, 310D, 410D, 510, 410, 2100, 3100D, 4100
XT-AC-Z Series 210, 400D, 660, 1800, 3000, 3000D, 6000D, 7000, 12K
7000-8000 7301, 7204, 7303D, 7206, 7215, 7224, 7224D, 7140 8301, etc.
MX Series 50, 100, 200, 300, 300D, 400, 2400, 2400D
Special Models Accurate load, TR-3, Poly Spec, H-A, CEM
Many more models exist - too many to list.  Please contact us with your model number.
Also manufactured under these labels:
Ainsworth, American Scientific, Baxter Scientific, Cole Palmer, Detecto,
Fisher Scientific, Frey Scientific, Sargent Welch

Service Rates

In General, the precision of the Balance and parts required to repair, reflects the the service fee charge. 4-5 place Analytical models require more time to repair. Intermitting problems are more difficult.
Sometimes if the problem is slight, the repair charge to reflect that slight repair was only needed.
We can do estimates for repair. A small fee plus return shipping charges if you want the unit returned to you unrepaired.

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